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Whether you are looking for Dishwasher repair GTA, it’s servicing, or you are in a search of a good dishwasher and need assistance in buying and installing then our team at ANGEL APPLIANCE is the right choice for you. Our team has the experience and the expertise for quick and easy local repair and maintenance of your dishwasher. No matter what problem you are facing; the water won’t drain out of your dishwasher or your dishes just aren’t getting clean enough, just give us a call for the best dishwasher service technicians in the market. Our team of technicians is licensed and they have the skills to get your equipment back on running again.


No matter which brand of dishwasher you might be having our team has the expertise to repair and maintain any brand. The parts that we replace we provide a proper warranty.

We are Available

We make sure to schedule a servicing or repair visit as per the convenience of our client. Call us now to schedule a convenient appointment with us if you are in a search of Dishwasher repair GTA.

We Deliver Professional Workmanship

The team at ANGEL APPLIANCE is professional courteous and we know how to respect your home and your family while working. Our attention to detail ensures quality, safe work every time we provide our services to our clients.

We Provide You with Upfront Pricing

We make sure to always explain what we are going to do before we start any work. Our team of technicians after a thorough examination will provide you with upfront pricing so that our clients might not encounter any surprise fees while availing the services of ANGEL APPLIANCE.

Angel Appliance Repairs +1(647)-717-6644, +1(647)-281-7824

Our team

Our team of professionals is always well prepared for any new task, having excellent technical skills and friendly and having a polite attitude towards our clients. The services our team provides are fast, accurate with the best quality. We merge the power of our motivated employees with cutting edge and up-to-date technologies to deliver the best results to our clients.

We are your right choice

We have been providing our services of Dishwasher repair GTA, since years now and we have built up an extensive amount of experience and knowledge by repairing the faulty dishwashers. Our aim is to provide quality, efficient service to our clients for their faulty appliances. We have maintained professional networking with the leading manufacturers and it has helped us in the long run to update our knowledge regarding modern technology and to further improve the direct relationship with manufacturers. Means we are your best choice to get your appliance back up and running quickly as before. We are proud to deliver top quality repair services, done right the very first time. If you are in a search of a reliable professional dishwasher repair technicians then give us a call today and schedule an appointment with us, and let us take care of your faulty equipment running back to normal.

Angel Appliance Repairs +1(647)-717-6644, +1(647)-281-7824

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