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8 Quick Tips

Washing Machine

  1. Always use detergent made for high-efficiency (HE) machines, and use the minimum amount (more is not necessarily better).
  2. Use less or forego liquid fabric softeners (one teaspoon will soften a whole load).
  3. Remove finished loads immediately. 
  4. When not in use, leave the door of the washer door open to improve air circulation.
  5. Clean out the washer door’s rubber seal thoroughly with a half-half solution of water and vinegar regularly.
  6. For a monthly cleaning session, pour some distilled white vinegar instead of laundry detergent into the dispenser, and add one cup of baking soda directly into the drum as well.
  7. Clean out the drain pump filter every few weeks or whenever you notice problems.
  8. Ensure that the spin speed you select is appropriate for the load you are washing.


  1. Clean Lint Screen Regularly.
  2. Avoid Putting Soiled Clothes in Dryer.
  3. Avoid Putting Soiled Clothes in Dryer.
  4. One of the most important components of a dryer maintenance routine is vent cleaning.
  5. Clear the Venting System.
  6. Monitor Your Dryer’s Performance.
  7. Monitor Your Dryer’s Performance.
  8. Use Liquid Fabric Softener.


  1. Clean off the condenser coils twice per year.

  2. Clean Refrigerator Condenser Coils Every Six Months.

  3. Manual-defrost refrigerator/freezers or Self-defrosting refrigerator/freezers.

  4. Weekly, use a cloth dampened by warm water to wipe down and remove crumbs and spills from shelves and walls.

  5. Clean and replace the gasket (rubber door seal) as needed.

  6. Regularly Check Your Refrigerator’s Interior Temperature for Accuracy.

  7. Replace the ice maker or water dispenser water filter.

  8. Freshen and remove odours with a deodoriser.

Cooking Range

  1. When cooking, use pots and pans that are deep enough to prevent boil-overs and splattering. 
  2. Wipe up stovetop spills right away. 
  3. Clean the Stove Parts Regularly, In addition to an after-use wipe down, periodically give your stove parts a more extensive cleaning.
  4. Clean Under the Hood, If your stove doesn’t have a sealed cooktop, food and grease will fall down under the burners.  
  5. Clean that Grimy Oven Window
  6. Oven windows tend to become so dirty we can’t even tell what’s in there, let alone whether it’s done cooking. 
  7. Cooking spills are inevitable. The good news is you can whisk away virtually any spill with a damp sponge or paper towel if you get it while it’s still warm.
  8. Use Foil under the Stove Top.  This is where the worst mess forms from spills and daily use.
we value you and your feedback. Based on our past service many of our client have recommended us on various social networking and below are some of them.
Sophia Daniel

Sophia Daniel

Software Engineer

We had an issue with the washing machine, it would just stop in the middle. So, we called the Angel Appliance to fix our washing machine. After diagnosing, the technician told us that the door switch was faulty, had to be replaced. The technician was honest in charging us with the right amount for the parts and labor.

Suhk Dev

Suhk Dev

Restaurant owner

We called Angel Appliance because our washing machine had a problem of rotating in one direction. So, the technician came and diagnosed that the motor was burnt out. The technician advised us to buy a new one instead of fixing the old one because the part was too expensive. He was honest in his advice.

Suresh Dominic

Suresh Dominic


Angel appliance fixed our dishwasher at our place. There was a leakage in the dishwasher. So, they installed a new water valve. The technician was very professional. I would recommend Angel Appliance to my friends.

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